Oh, Rickey, You’re so Fine: A Parliament of Rickeys


Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s Ricky Night at Kennett!
Thursday, August 2, 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM

The Rickey, one of the most refreshing drinks known to mankind, was invented in the 1880’s at Shoomaker’s in Washington, DC by barkeep George A. Williamson. It
is said that ”Colonel” Joe Rickey (Democratic lobbyist and thirsty man-about-town)
collaborated with Williamson to devise what has been called “an air-conditioner in a
glass” to defend against the swampy onslaught that is summer in our nation’s Capital.

The original Rickey consisted of whiskey, fresh lime, & sparkling water. “Colonel”
Rickey’s abject horror of sugar & its effects on digestion (along with his equally zealous faith in the blood-cooling properties of the lime) goes far to explain the unusual absence of any sweetener whatsoever. Though bourbon was first favored, the Gin Rickey has had the last laugh. Luckily, there is room enough in the world for both.

Although July, Rickey month, has just ended, Rickey season is in full tilt. Here is a
selection of drinks inspired by this trusty summer beverage.

The Classic Rickey
Spirits, fresh lime juice, soda water.
w/bourbon, rum, vodka, gin, or blended scotch, $8
w/ cognac, single malt scotch, or grappa, $12

Colonel Joe’s Rickey
(the Colonel’s personal preference)
Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, soda water, $8

Ricardo Montalban
Reposado Tequila, muddled cilantro, a pinch salt, fresh lime, soda water, $10

Ricky Loves Lucy
White rum, maraschino liqueur, fresh lime, soda water, basil, $10

Rickey, Don’t Lose That Number
Vodka, nectarine shrub, sparkling wine, $10

London Dry Gin, garam masala syrup, fresh lemon, India Pale Ale, $10

Rickey Bobby
Shine, red pepper shrub, soda water, $10

Rickey du Temps Perdu
(Lost Time Rickey)
Bluecoat Gin, Vieux Carré Absinthe, ginger/thyme shrub, soda water, $12

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